13. nov 2009

13/11 19:30 local time - Lundhags in at T15. Next is the MTB section. This section will be very hard navigation. There are a lot of tracks where it will be very easy to get lost. Much can happen on this night as the teams are extremly tired physicaly and suffer from a big lack of sleep. In this condition everything can happen.
The next cutoff at A5 will be tomorrow morning at 07:00 local time. After that there is only a 2 hour trekking with 4-5 easy points to catch. But! If a team gets lost at the end of this tricky MTB section, and miss the cutoff time, they are forced to trekk directly to finishline and will therefore miss these points

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13/11 17:53 – Nike and Orion just made the cut off with only 5 min of margin!!This means that Nike will be very difficult to beat.

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